Our Range of Services Offered Include

CAD / CAM Facilities

  • Drafting and 3D facilities for production or prototypes is available

CNC Production

  • Small to Large volume machining of bar stock, billet and castings
  • Prototype and one off component manufacture
  • Our facilities include CAD drawing capability with 3D modelling translation import and export) for complex components. CAM systems enable cost effective production using these resources.

Light fabrication of steel components

  • Display stand and shop fittings
  • Educational furniture
  • Storage and shelving systems
  • Electronic cabinetry
  • Equipment racking

Product Design, Development and Manufacture

  • Develop and Refine client product for manufacture
  • Design Manufacture and supply of special purpose machine tools and production equipment for most industries.
  • Specialised Stainless Steel componentry production and fabrication
  • Specialised Tooling

Repair and Maintenance services

  • Gearboxes, Shafts and machinery repairs
  • Industrial transmission equipment

General Fabrication

  • Welding - T.I.G, M.I.G, Aluminium
  • Cutting - Band Saw, Cold Saw, Manual Plasma Arc, Oxy Acetylene
  • Sheet Metal
    - Guillotine - 8 foot x 5mm
    - Brake Press - 10 ton
    - C Press - 10 ton-punching / die set work
    - Punch & Shear and Pan Braking

General Engineering Service

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Internal keyways and broaching
  • Slalom Bender

Wood working equipment

  • Masons Mitre Jigs

Material handling

  • Pallet Wrappers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Conveyors
  • Product descrambling
  • Orientation and diversion

Food Processing Equipment

  • Fruit Juice Processing Line
  • Fish Farming Processing Equipment
  • Associated with SBP Food Facility Services in Design & Manufacture of componentry for the 'Cleanveyor' System

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Vehicle components

  • Heavy Vehicles - Windscreen Stone Guards (OEM only)
  • Race vehicle - Engine, Suspension and specialty component parts
  • Truck mounted air conditioning unit components

Water Purification

  • Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers - Patented Components for UV water treatment systems
  • Water Recycling plants incorporated into processing lines

Safety Products

  • Manufacture and assembly of patented innovative safety devices and components for both Australian and world markets
  • An Award Winning Lift, based on moderns designs, yet at the same time remaining harmonious with the backdrop of the Heritage listed Commissariat Building-Brisbane
  • ISO 14001 certified